The York exercise mat is easy to wipe clean.

The foam padded, universal York exercise mat is comfortable to lay on and comes with printed exercise suggestions on the surface.

Premium TPE Yoga Mat, 6mm Thick non Slip Exercise Mat , Eco-Friendly without Chemical Smell, Extra-long fitness mat, Washable and Durable, Difficut to Deform - Blue

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  • I've had this York exercise mat since I was 17 (I'm now 26), as it was then that I discovered the wonder of exercise videos! It actually belonged to my dad before it belonged to me, so it's had a good amount of use over the years.

    As I am not one for the gym, preferring to exercise in the privacy of my own home, an exercise mat is essential for use with certain floor exercises. I have a bit of a dodgy knee and so need protection when performing any kneeling exercises and it also adds some padding for when doing exercises laying down.

    The mat is made of PU, and is red on one side blue on the other. The shiny material makes it really easy to clean as it just wipes down. I haven't measured the mat, but the dimensions on the website show as 170cm x 60cm, which is equal to about 5ft 5 in length, which is perfect for me as I'm 5ft 4. It's padded and feels very lightweight. I find it's easy to fold and shove under the bed or in a cupboard.

    The mat actually has exercises printed on both sides complete with diagrams and written instructions! Back in the day when I was exercise obsessed I did used to follow these, but now I rarely look at them. There are eight exercises shown on each side and these include things such as lunges, side leg lifts and even skipping! It tells you underneath the instructions what part of the body the exercise works and even gives suggestions for the amount of repetitions you should do. As I say, I don't really do these very often these days, because I have all my exercise DVD's and a Wii Fit, but they are handy for days when you're lacking inspiration.

    For me though, there are two main problems with the mat. The first is that because of the shiny surface, it doesn't have a huge amount of grip. This was fine when I was living in a carpeted flat, but now my front room (which is the only one big enough to exercise in) has laminate flooring and I find that often the mat slips and slides around the floor, which has the potential to be dangerous, as well as being quite annoying.

    The second issue is that I don't think it is padded enough. Again, on carpet it wasn't such a problem because I suppose the carpet underneath was adding some protection in itself, but on laminate, although I find exercises where I'm lying down to be OK, the ones where I kneel, I do find I tend to put a cushion under my knee, as the mat is a bit too thin to offer adequate protection on its own.

    The mat costs £10.39 from Amazon.

    As I say, I've had this mat a long time now, and so obviously it's very durable, and it is OK for most exercises as it does offer some protection to the back and knees although not as much as I would like. So whilst I think this is an OK product and I like the fact it has exercise suggestions on each side, I do think though if you have hard flooring, then you should really consider something else.

    I bought the my York Exercise Mat after being disappointed by my old Argos Exercise Mat a few months ago. I got it for £10 from Amazon and decided to purchase it after reading good reviews about it on different websites, including Dooyoo and Ciao.

    The York Exercise Mat is blue on one side and red on the other, on each side there is some instructions on how to do some exercises for example different sit up positions and crunch techniques, it also tells you a bit about each exercise and how many you should do in a session.

    I like to use my York Exercise Mat to do sit ups, with my palates ball and also with my palates rower gadget and I also like to do yoga as well. I found that this mat gives me great support and the padding hasn't worn away or thinned much after 3 months use, so it seems to be standing the test of time. This is probably the most comfortable Exercise Mat that I have bought, especially for the value for money, and I have owned quite a few.

    The surface of this Exercise Mat is a shiny plastic that is really easy to wipe down and clean, which is great as its more hygienic than some other mats that are harder to clean. Also this is a quite sturdy Exercise Mat and the plastic hasn't weakened much due to creasing and usage which is great as it shows its really good quality.

    I find that this mat does not slip on my wooden floor too much, it stays quite well in place and I don't find myself having to adjust it too much when I am doing sit ups and exercising on it, this is great as some other brands of Exercise Mat that I have bought in the past have been really annoying as they never stayed in place and it was really distracting when I was exercising.

    This mat is about 170cm x 60cm in size, so it fits me perfectly (5ft5), I think that this is quite a good size of an Exercise Mat as it should suit most people perfectly.

    Overall I am really pleased with my York Exercise Mat and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cheap and cheerful Exercise Mat in the future. It is one of the most comfortable Exercise Mat's that I have owned and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars in total.

    *also on ciao under lorrainek90

  • The York exercise mat is 170cm (70″) long by 60cm (23.6″) wide and it is great for home usage. The mat can be used for yoga, strengthening exercises and stretching. This brilliant tool is also a very good solution for relaxation and meditation enthusiasts, as it is padded to provide ultimate comfort and softness. In addition, the mat offers overprinted illustrations of exercises which make it very practical and attractive.

    The York exercise mat is 170cm (70″) long by 60cm (23.6″) wide and it is great for home usage. The mat can be used for yoga, strengthening exercises and stretching. This brilliant tool is also a very good solution for relaxation and meditation enthusiasts, as it is padded to provide ultimate comfort and softness. In

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