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  • The key to performing mat Pilates exercises well is to focus on breathing. Pilates mat exercises require you to perform belly instead of chest breathing. Your lungs expand and contract without too much movement in the chest. You can mimic Pilates exercise breathing by placing your hands around your lower torso and ribs. As you inhale, you can feel your ribs expand, filling your lungs with air. As you exhale, your ribs contract. This type of breathing stabilizes the spine and ensures that the abdominals are challenged correctly during mat Pilates exercise.

    If you find you are in a fitness rut or that your workout is no longer working and just not giving you the results you want, adding pilates can be a great way to mix things up and take your fitness to a new level. If you don’t have the time or resources to take a pilates class you can get a very good workout doing pilates mat exercises in your own home. And, don’t kid yourself into thinking a workout where you lie on the floor is a joke. Pilates mat exercises can be very, very intense. If you do the exercises properly you will see and feel measureable results in as little as 10 sessions.

  • Pilates mat exercises help people with back care issues. According to Beth Glosten, MD of Spine-Health, an online information source for back issues, Pilates can be particularly effective for people with pain caused by excessive movement and degeneration of the intervertebral discs and joints. Pilates also helps balance the sides of the body, aiding in creating postural symmetry and preventing injury that occurs from uneven stress patterns on back joints and discs. By improving mobility at the hip and shoulder joints, Pilates helps prevent excess stress on the spinal column. Pilates focuses on the concept of proper back alignment, which may trickle into a participant’s daily awareness of how they hold their body.

    The Basic Mat course introduces foundational Pilates mat exercises and progressive modifications to accommodate a range of Pilates clients. The course also presents the Peak Pilates 5 Part Formula for Success—a framework to help you master the art and science of classical Pilates. There are no prerequisites for the course, but previous exposure to classical mat Pilates is recommended. The Peak Pilates Basic Mat course is open to health and fitness professionals as well as individuals who would like to advance their personal Pilates practice. A Peak Pilates Basic Mat Certificate is issued to instructors who pass all assessments and submit the required logged hours.

  • This 30 Minute Mat Pilates features mostly traditional Pilates Mat exercises fused with some traditional strength training exercises. Your core will be working the entire time but you'll also get strengthening and toning in the upper and lower body, plus a good relaxing stretch!

Is Your Workout Not Working? Try Adding Pilates Mat Exercises

Though one will find tremendous variation in the way that Pilates exercises are presented today, there is an original traditional order to the Pilates mat exercises as developed by .

Below are samples of the first 10 exercises of a classical Pilates mat workout, including a fundamental warm-up.