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YogaAccessories (TM) Extra Wide / Extra Long 1/4'' Deluxe Yoga Mat - Black

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  • TAG : Square36 | Large Exercise Mat 6′ x 6′
  • P90X cardio workout on a large exercise mat.


    Pogamat Can Be Used for Plyometrics, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio Workouts, Kettlebell Workouts, Bodyweight Workouts, At Home Workout Dvd's, Xbox Workouts, and All Other Types of Fitness Training. You Can Take It to the Beach, Mountains, Camping, Picnic, and Kid's Play Area. Works Great with All Age Groups. Perfect for At Home Workouts Like P90X, Insanity, and T25. Easily Portable to Class. Liked By Gym Owners, Personal Trainers, Coaches, Athletes, Moms, Current and Retired Military.

    Two sizes: Pogamat XL & Pogamat XXL

    Large Exercise Mat | Yoga Mat

    Square36 Large Exercise Mat 6’x6′ – The Big Fitness Mat For Use With Or Without Shoes. Designed For Use With SHOES. Created For Intense Cardio Workouts (Plyometrics, MMA, Aerobics, Cardio, Strength Training etc). Ideal For Use With Workout DVD Programs Like P90X, Insanity, HIIT, etc.

  • Large Exercise Mat 72" Wide x 72" Long (6'x6'). 3X Larger Than A Regular Fitness Mat. Durable Rubber Workout Mat. Designed To Use With Home-Based Fitness and CARDIO DVD's. Durable Enough For Intense Workouts With SHOES. Square36 CARDIO Mat - The BIG Exercise Mat.

    XL & XXL Large exercise mat and yoga mat. Oversize and durable exercise mat great for all types of workouts including at home workouts, bodyweight exercises, and yoga. Best exercise mats on this planet. Free shipping, limited time only. .

  • 1x1 meter interlocking mats are generally intended for professional exercise, fitness, aerobic and martial arts studios and can weigh as little as 1.9 pounds per tile. Also easy to transport and install, the larger puzzle exercise mats leave fewer seams in the final installation. With the interlocking modular design, you can customize your exercise area to fit any desired size or space.

Large Exercise Mat 6’x4′ $ 119.99; Square36

Other economical options for large exercise mats include rubber flooring rolls that can come in lengths of up to 100 feet and start at just $1.05 per square foot.