Rugged Foam Exercise Mat that withstands years of commercial use.

High density foam exercise mat with carry strap. Storage rack sold separately.

Sivan HEALTH and FITNESS Extra Thick NBR Foam Yoga and Pilates Mat, Black

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  • Ideally the surface of an exercise mat should be firm and not hard. Most mats are usually made of synthetic materials like PVC or rubber. However, if you want to use a more environmentally friendly material there are mats available made of organic materials like jute. This is the same material that a lot of reusable supermarket bags are made from.

    Light weight and made of durable EVA foam material, this personal exercise mat is waterproof and long lasting. Easy to fold up and transport in a shoulder bag or under the arm. Excellent for people on the go that need a folding exercise mat that is durable. This portable exercise features two folds and is great for sitting and floor exercises. Features an easy to clean, non-slip surface. Big enough to be used as a personal exercise floor mat.

  • Use rubber exercise floors for under weight equipment and cardio workout equipment or in commercial exercise floor installations. Rubber flooring is available in rolled rubber material and interlocking gym floor mats. Rubber is usually used to protect flooring from heavy equipment. It is hard like a car tire and is, therefore, not ideal for floor exercises without a personal exercise floor mat. Choose an individual exercise floor mat for stretching or yoga.

    Temporary exercise flooring options for small areas include our folding gym mats, rollout workout mats and exercise fitness mats. We also offer carpet tiles for gyms, such as our Dominator LP Gym Carpet Tiles which are made of dyed polypropylene with a bitumen backing. They are permanently anti-static and carry a 5 year limited warranty.

    All Purpose Sport Mats Thick & Durable Exercise Mat

    4' x 8', 1-3/4" thick
    Available in Royal Blue, Black, and Red
    Starting from $175 (includes shipping)

  • Natural Fitness Mats Powerhouse Exercise Mat

    Available in Olive Green. 2'x6'x3/8"

    Exercise mats can help ease shock absorption on the body, particularly around areas such as knees, elbows and at the base of the spine. They also work in a practical sense as they keep sweat stains from floors and carpets. If you use an exercise ball, it can help prevent the ball being popped by sharp objects.

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: Exercise mats provide a safe and comfortable surface for athletics and workout routines in studios or physical therapy facilities. Personal are a great option for home and professional floor exercises. Interlocking are a popular option for large exercise rooms.