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Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat, Indulge, 71-Inch

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  • There are also the more heavy duty exercise mats that are often found at gyms. The thickness of these mats support an athlete's knees, spine, ankles, and neck. Since these mats are so thick, they cannot be moved around easily. Instead, one will have to set these mats up somewhere, such as in a room at home, and leave them there. These are a good choice for someone who wants to transform a space into a home gym. It is suitable for strenuous or high-intensity exercise such as gymnastics or practicing martial arts.

    There have been described and illustrated herein an embodiment of a heat exercise mat. While particular embodiments of the invention have been described, it is not intended that the invention be limited thereto, as it is intended that the invention be as broad in scope as the art will allow and that the specification be read likewise. Thus, while particular materials have been disclosed for the heat reflecting layer, the resistive heating element and the cover of the mat assembly, it will be appreciated that other material (such as positive temperature coefficient wire or conductive polymer heaters) can be used as well. In addition, while particular types of foam have been disclosed, it will be understood that other types of foam can be used as well. It is also contemplated that the resistive heating element can be secured to another layer of the assembly, such as to the top of the aluminum fabric layer preferably by being laced through holes therein (which allows for omission of the fabric layer). Moreover, while particular configurations have been disclosed in reference to the number and locations of the protection thermostats over the length of the mat, it will be appreciated that other configurations could be used as well. For example, and not by way of limitation, more than three protection thermostats can be arranged in series and distributed over the length and possibly the width of the mat for additional overheating protection. Furthermore, it is contemplated that the functionality of the ON/OFF switch as described above can readily be adapted such that it is housed as part of the mat assembly itself. It is also contemplated that the shape and size of the body mat can be varied and/or that the matt can be used on other support surfaces (for example, on table tops). It will therefore be appreciated by those skilled in the art that yet other modifications could be made to the provided invention without deviating from its spirit and scope as claimed.

  • This heated exercise mat has an adjustable temperature of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit while its built-in timer will enable the owner to set between 20 and 60 minutes of exercise sessions.

    The Heated Exercise Mat [] is design to help the owner warm up their muscles while doing some stretching so that body’s muscles are ready for some serious exercising.

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