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Perfect Form Premium Yoga Mat w/ Strap ✮ Extra Thick Exercise Mat (10mm) ✮ Comfortable Memory Foam Great For Joints ✮ Slip Resistant ✮ Extra Long and Wide 72" x 24" ✮ 100%

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  • Like folding mats, this form of exercise mat also features a cross-linked polyethylene foam core, but the vinyl cover is bonded to the top rather than fully surrounding the foam core. Roll out fitness mats are designed to be used on a hard, flat and finished surface. They do well in softening hard floors such as concrete or hardwood gym floors, and can also be used over carpet. The polyethylene foam base does grip carpeting well to reduce or eliminate slipping. Over smooth, hard surfaces, such as concrete, however, additional steps may need to be taken to prevent smaller rollout mats from slipping.

    Commonly referred to as yoga mats, personal exercise mats come as thin as 3/8 inch thick and can weigh as little as 1.25 pounds for a 1 2/3 by 4 1/3 foot mat. They are also available in larger and thicker versions. This form of exercise mat is designed for floor exercises are not designed for high impact activities.

  • If you are looking for a portable personal mat, our foam exercise fitness mats provide easy-to-store and easy-to-transport options. Our personal exercise or fitness mats offer the best space saving features as they are the thinnest and most flexible form of exercise mat we offer.

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