Sunny Health & Fitness Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

The Bodymax Tri-Fold Exercise Mat comes with a 1-year full commercial, light commercial and home warranty.

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat (84-Inch by 36-Inch)

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  • Deluxe Flip Pad - Folding Exercise Mat
    First I have to say the service was great. They were really helpful. I had received my Deluxe Flip Pad arrived earlier than expected. The Deluxe Flip Pad was as described. The material felt top of the line. It feels much softer and better than other flip pads I have bought at Amazon which I had returned it and tried Foamiture. Glad I tried and not returning it. Keeping this for sure.

    Deluxe Flip Pad - Folding Exercise Mat
    Just to let you know I am very satisfied with the mats I ordered. They make great extra seating in the daytime and mattresses for over night guests and at night. Thanks again.

  • Deluxe Flip Pad - Folding Exercise Mat
    My fold up foam furniture cushion is GREAT! Just moved into a 200 sq. foot studio and the 30" wide cushion is what I sleep on and also use as a chair in the daytime. Fits my life style needs very good. Excellent product. Excellent service!!!

    The Comffit folding exercise mats are great for using in classes where storage space for equipment is limited. The Mats easily fold out and there are no gaps in the mat where the folds are. They are also lightweight and easy to carry. And its so much easier and quicker than rolling the mats back up!

    Folding Exercise Mat

    Starting at $54.99
    Two Sizes: 2' x 4' and 2' x 6'
    Two Thicknesses: 1-3/8", 2"

  • The J2X Fitness Foldable Exercise Mat features thick EPE Foam with durable outer layer.

    Tri-fold design with nylon handles for easy carrying

    Easy wipe clean surface

    Size: 180 x 60 x 3cm

    Colour: BlueJ2X Fitness Foldable Exercise Yoga Gym Workout Physio Pilates Gym Mat

    Light weight and made of durable EVA foam material, this personal exercise mat is waterproof and long lasting. Easy to fold up and transport in a shoulder bag or under the arm. Excellent for people on the go that need a folding exercise mat that is durable. This portable exercise features two folds and is great for sitting and floor exercises. Features an easy to clean, non-slip surface. Big enough to be used as a personal exercise floor mat.

Exercise Mat Personal Portable - Folding Exercise Mat

What is the difference between the 4x8 folding exercise mat and the 4x8 folding gymnastic tumbling mat. They seem very similar. I'm looking for something for my 6 year old to play around on and practice her somersaults etc. Thanks.