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Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat for Cardio- Fitness Products (2.5-Feet x 5-Feet)

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  • Without a padded mat under an exercise cycle you are almost guaranteed to scratch up wood or tile flooring and it is equally easy to wear holes in your carpet or leave unsightly indentations which never go away. Exercise bike mats provide a relative cheap and simple solution to prevent the kind of damage which will otherwise result in an expensive repair job. Don't make the mistake of thinking they are only there to protect your floor though as the thick padded has additional benefits too.

    A noisy exercise bike can be a nuisance to yourself and those who live around you and that's another great benefit of stationary exercise bike mats - they help dampen and muffle the sound of gym machinery. They also help stabilize cheap exercise cycles which can wobble around and squeak a lot and again, that extra stability keeps a loud exercise bike from driving you nuts. Perhaps the best incentive for putting a bike mat below an exercise bike is that the padding and extra stability helps ensure your machine stays in tip top condition for longer. All the vibration, shaking and rocking you will experience on a hard floor surface will damage the component parts of your exercise equipment leading to greater wear and tear and costly repair bills. A padded mat for indoor fitness bikes will greatly reduce vibration and also keep dust and pet hairs from getting sucked up into the machinery which will help make your machine last longer.

  • On the contrary, if you are looking for an upright exercise bike mat to protect your floor, then you don't want to get something which is excessively long or much too wide either. Doing so will not only cost you more than you need to pay in most cases because larger mats are generally more expensive than the smaller ones, but an oversized high impact floor cover will also take up an unnecessary amount of floor space, be harder to store and by extending out too far around the fitness machine may present a tripping hazard too.

    The following selection of shorter exercise bike mats will fit upright stationary bikes but may be too small for a larger recumbent exercise bike or other larger gym equipment.

  • For most of us, the main goal is protecting our floors from damage and most mats will achieve that goal admirably. You do have to be careful however with some of the cheaper mats as your bike may sink through the surface and dent the floor anyway or tear through the surface when you try to move it. Thin exercise bike mats or very soft foam mats may not offer enough protection for a heavy exercise bike so be sure to opt for a heavy duty mat for exercise bikes if you think your circumstances will require it or even if you'd rather play it safe.

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