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  • The Cando Cushy-Air Foam Exercise Mats provides a convenient platform for a wide range of activities. Great for organized and individual exercises and treatments, the Cushy-Air Mat is crafted from high quality materials to ensure long life and extended durability. Air Channel construction allows the mat to conform to the user's body position. The 1.2 Inch Cushy-Air Mat is a perfect solution for any floor based activity. The Cushy-Air Foam Exercise Mats are proudly made in the USA. Cando Cushy-Air Foam Exercise Mats is ideal for hospitals, clinics, exercise, and personal use.

    I don't move around much especially when I'm swamped with assignments and projects, and I've been thinking about doing some sit-ups and general cardiovascular work outs in the comforts of my room and my house to save time and money. So, I went and look for an exercise mat because doing sit-ups on a laminated floor of my room is just painful to even think about it. Therefore, I went and bought this Davina air flow exercise mat from Argos for £9.99. I don't really have a preference, and initially I bought this product based on it's reasonable price and description.

    The exercise mat is designed for maximum comfort during intense workout and it is advertised to have a breathable surface to cool the sweat. Personally, I don't spend enough time working out until I'm sweating rivers but I can tell from my experience that I don't have problems with slipping off the mat when doing sit-ups; so it's one point for Davina. Moreover, the bottom of the mat has a non-slip ridged surface to prevent slipping on laminated floor, which is suitable in my case as my floors in my house are laminated. Nevertheless, I have to say from my experience that the mat is not 100% slip-free, it does a tiny wiggle when I'm doing sit-ups but it is not a big problem.

    As for the size of the mat, the dimensions are 182 x 61 x 0.6 cm. I'm have a petite structure so I have no problem fitting on the mat. One improvement I can see with this design is to make it thicker: the depth of the mat is only 0.6 cm and it is not thick enough to do leg exercises without hurting my pelvis bone. From my experience, when I do leg exercises, I lie on my side horizontally so the only thing between the hard laminated floor and my bony pelvis is a 0.6 cm thick foam and it starts to hurt after being the position for more than 3 minutes. So, I switch sides regularly to be more comfortable.

    However, the good points are that it is very easy to clean. Despite that I bought this mat for my sole use, I do worry about bacteria and other creepy crawlies that can't be seen, so I try to wipe the mat after each work out session and this can be done easily with a wet cloth. Another advantage is that the mat is very easy to store and it can be rolled up and kept in the corner, under the bed and so on. It also comes with a carry-on strap if you fancy working out at the gym but want to use your own mat.

    Overall, this air flow exercise mat does a good job but with some improvement. For £10.00, it is so much cheaper than paying monthly gym membership. It saves time and money, and also I prefer to work out in my house. So, I would say that this is a good buy.

    Thank you for reading. :) x

  • Both my husband and myself like to exercise both at home and the gym. I'm half way through my pregnancy but want to keep exercising as long as I can. One of my Christmas presents was a new exercise mat. One of my cats had given herself a manicure on my old one so it was something I needed.

    The mat I have is the Davina Air Flow Mat, Davina as in Mc call. Mine is blue, I'm not sure if you can get this in any other colours or not. the mat is a nice size for me, its 1 metre 82cm' long x 61cm's wide and--- deep. The mat will roll up and comes with a carrying handle but personally I only ever use mine at home so don't actually carry it anywhere, I don't roll it up to store it either, I just slide it under the bed.

    The mat has a nice ridged non slip back to keep it steady and in place, if you are on a laminate type floor this is important. This mat would be ideal for aerobics. The air flow mat is marketed as having a " breathable surface" to help keep you fresher and drier whilst exercising. I must admit I was a bit dubious abut this claim but I'm pleased to say I really do think this works. Although I do still get a bit sweaty I don't have to actually peel myself from this mat, disgusting I know but it was a problem with my old mat. The air flow mat does have a washable surface so should you work up a good sweat it wipes down easily.

    I've been pleased with my new exercise mat, its a comfortable mat to exercise on and the foam is nice for my back. I have been using the mat once a day and I find the non slip back works very well, I have had no problems with the mat moving at all. The size of this mat is great too, I am quite short so I have plenty of room on it, I don't think Mark would manage very well with it as he is well over 6 foot but for me its ideal.

    I have no idea where my air flow mat was purchased but I have seen them in Argos, and on both The Homebase and Amazon website. They usually cost approximately £10.00 but are currently reduced in the January sales.

    I would definitely recommend the Davina Air Flow Exercise Mat, its easy to keep clean and the breathable surface helps with keeping me a bit cooler. The non slip back is excellent especially on a laminate floor. I don't use the carry handle but it is there for anyone who does. I plan on starting Yoga soon and this will be ideal for that purpose.

    In my opinion the mat is well worth the £10.00 price tag. After all you cant beat exercising on a comfortable surface.


    Yes, the Davina Air Flow Exercise Mat has an easy clean surface which can be wiped down with soap and water.

    I hope this helps!

    Cando Cushy-Air Exercise Mat, 72" X 17" 1.2" - 38-0550 - Yoga And Pilates Mats

  • My other half regularly uses her Davina Air Flow Exercise mat and I too have now started to use it as I am trying to do some Pilates at home to help me with my posture as my neck and shoulder joint is out of kilter and I am having some physiotherapy. My other half uses this for when she attends her twice-weekly yoga classes and it seems lightweight and portable enough for her to be able to carry around though she's no lightweight herself and usually has no trouble in carrying heavy objects.

    This mat cost less than £10 and we bought it from Argos online a little while ago now. The texture of this mat isn't as smooth as I thought it was when I saw it on the screen, it has a kind of rubbery surface which is a bit odd but then again it isn't as thin as it looked on the screen either. I am over six foot tall but this mat measures L182, W61, D0.6cm so it's big enough to accommodate my bulk as I do my daily exercises in the basement on the floor - the floor is solid polished wood but because of the texture of this mat it doesn't ever slide around the floor whilst I do my movements, it stays put all the time, which is a big bonus.

    What I personally really like about this mat is that it is breathable so although I am a large man it doesn't make me sweat excessively whilst I exercise and it seems to keep me cool. It's also very easy to just roll up and store away after you've had a session, ready for the next time. It's comfortable to use as it has a little padding, even on a hard wooden floor and I personally rally like it and am quite impressed with it.
    It's easy to keep clean too and I really recommend it.

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